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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

9:28PM - Merry Christmas 2008!

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a positive, lovely Christmas!

I haven't been around Live Journal much because I have been busy working on my career and working towards receiving my Masters Degree.

Life has been FANTASTIC! I'm very busy, but I love the pace of always being on my toes.

A special Christmas this year. Teeeeeno and I are going to celebrate our fifth Anniversary of Engagement. :-) We still haven't set a date. I need to get my career started and then we will think about setting a date. :)
For us, there isn't any hurry.

I do hope your life is going well and the positives outweigh the negatives.

Have a FANTASTIC Christmas and a POSITIVE 2009!!

Peace To All!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

11:50PM - A Very Happy & Positive 2008!

I want to wish everyone a happy and positive 2008. I wish we all have more smiles than tears, more laughter than hurt, more happiness than sorrow and a huge grin of peace on all of our faces. I wish in 2008 we all can be happy and peaceful and positive.

I do have a resolution: I am going to post more than 20 times a year here in 2008. :) I have to step it up a notch in writing entries. You all know I check my "Friends List" five times a week and reply so replying to friends has never been an issue. I need to write more about my life in here. This is the only Online Journal I currently post in. Of course I always post in --http://FTYS.COM-- and is my favourite place to post but that is a message board and I run FTYS.COM so it's a fantastic idea that I post in it. It is of course my favourite place on the internet. Live Journal is a second or third favourite place. LOL! Expect me around here more in 2008.

Besides all of that, please stay positive and remember that you are just as fantastic as any other human on Earth. Don't let the words or actions of others get you down. They are no better than you. They pick their nose, pass gas and do other things I won't mention, just like we all do. :)

Listen to your heart and soul in 2008. Let the guru and the people that judge you do it. Don't care about them. Live in Peace in 2008!

Happy New Year!! Celebrate your life.

Monday, August 6, 2007

8:25PM - Happy Civic Day

Hey, how are you? You can answer. I can't hear you but I'm wishing you
are well and positive.

Nothing new to update. Nothing exciting going on in my life. My
excitement comes from visiting "Diane's Place" where
Diane, Kelly, Robin and I visit and talk about nice things. Very
educational matters and we can discuss a party I went to in college with
Alison and Cherie. LOL! LOL!

I love Teeeeeeno and his weeeeeeno.

It was 30° C today. Too hot.

Hey while I'm on metrics, Happy Civic Day.

Civic Day is happy yet sad. Leeeeese's niece Laura went home after three
weeks of visiting Leeese and Dave. This usually leaves Leeeese depressed
for two weeks.
I'm really sad to see her go. I love that kid like she is my niece. I
love going to Mass with her. I love talking about boys with her. Her
favourite topic is Teeeeeeeeeno. She has the hugest crush on Teeeeeno.
It's cute.

Work is good. My parents are fantastic.

Civic Day was fantastic. We went over to Leeeeese and Dave's house. Teeeeeno's parents were there along with my parents. Leeeese had a barbecue. Teeeeno and I don't eat
meat but we had a fantastic time visiting with Leeeese's guests of
honour, her brother Antonio and his wife before they took their daughter Laura back home.

Stay Positive and live each day like it's a new adventure. Wake up each
morning and say "Thank You" to your higher power for making it another
day of being and feeling alive.

Thanks for reading and always stay positive.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

8:32PM - How Is 2007 Going For You So Far?

We are past one week into 2007, how is it for you? LOL! I hope 2007 had gotten off to a FANTASTIC start for you and you are having a positive great time.

Not much to report. I loved Christmas and Nrew Years Eve/Day and I'm looking forward to a fun year.

Stay Positive, Stay Focused and Never Let Any Person Destroy Your Dream!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

2:21PM - It's the 92nd Day Of 2006, Celebrate. Celebrate Each new day

I'm still alive. LOL! I'm down to 43 days until I graduate and leave the college life.
Roomie and I have been sharing fun times together over Spring Break. We drove to El Paso, Texas and drove up through Colorado. All daily trips and fun. I'm going to miss her. Saying goodbye is hard, VERY HARD!

Because I kind of graduated already, I have free time on my hands so during last week I spent time with Native-Americans especially teens on campgrounds who needed help studying for High School SAT's. These people should be treated best, I mean they are true Americans. Most can't afford a tutor so I wanted to help. I have grown close to these humans. Yes me, a Canadian. LOL!

I'm spending time taking this all in before I move back to Canada. There aren't any nicer people in the world like the people from the southwest and midwest of the United States. They have class, warmth and genuine compassion. The people are the kindest people.

Today, ALL DAY, I have been going to Mass after Mass. I've been to four. I always attend a Mass every sunday. Today though to honor a Pontiff who will always be remembered I take in Mass on "Pope John Paul II" first anniversary in Heaven.

That's what I have been up to recently. Sorry for not being around LJ. I should be around more this week as things ease up.

We should be sharing happiness and congratulating on being happy. Ten percent of our happiness comes from people around us with Ninety percent coming from within. Be happy with yourself and your spirit. Change things that make you sad. Look to stay positive and let negative remarks or views bounce off of your shell. Don't let that infest your spirit and your heart. Love your life. Love your temple which is your body and work on being a positive soul. Take in Divine Inspiration.

As always thanks for reading.

Current mood: calm

Saturday, December 24, 2005

10:07PM - Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Holidays!

I'm really rushing around town. I'm going to Church Service with Teeeeeeno at the church he attends along with his parents and Leeeeeese and her husband Dave.

Then, Teeeeno and I rush over to the Catholic Church that me and my parents attend for Mass. A Busy Christmas Eve/Christmas morning.

In the morning we will be serving food at a homeless shelter.

On Christmas Day a huge dinner at Leeese's house with me, Teeeeeno, his weeeeeno ;), his parents, my parents, Leeese, Dave and Leeeese parents. Whew!
Teeeeeeno and I celebrate our second anniversary being engaged. It's fun times.

Hey a wish that every friend on my Friends List has a fantastic Christmas. A Huge wish for the world that the homeless find a home and warmth, the lonely find someone to share Christmas with and someone they can spend their lives with, that the hopeless find hope, the hurting find healing, that no one is judged because of race, religion or sexual preference, every person is free of emotional bondage, every person at least received one gift, that the people suffering with illness can be healthy, that wants and needs be filled with joy, lost pets find a home, lost souls find their souls again, people in military fighting in wars stay safe and above and beyond.... every human smiles and laughs and feels they are blessed.

Thanks for reading, may God Bless All and may we all be blessed.

Happy Holiday!

I miss you Billy. :)

Current mood: chipper

Sunday, November 6, 2005

12:27AM - I Finished My Report!

Hi LJ Friends. I finished my report/essay and it only took me a month. LOL! LOL! It's 120 pages. Way too long but I'll condense it.

I talked to Leeeeese on the phone last night. She's been so busy. It's fantastic talking to her when we are sharing and we are talking on the same level. I'm no longer the little sis who is bound to mess up. I knew I have grown but hearing it from her lifted my world. :-)

I had a little crying session with Roomie yesterday afternoon. We heard that they may move "Peter Piper Pizza" to the other side of town in July of 2006. I was starting to get upset thinking of the extra milage it is and further away from University when I stopped myself to think .... I won't be here. That's when I said it out-loud and Roomie's eyes started to tear and then a nice little cry we both had. It was interrupted by Cherie which was fantastic because we got to playfully joke with her about her new boyfriend. LOL!
Here it is, midnight. Soon Roomie will be back from her date with Connor.
I'm going to read my "Media Trends" paper and doze off.

Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic sunday. Stay Positive!

I'll leave on this convo note. :-)

Leeeeese: "Crystal, I'm so tired I can sleep for five days."

Me: "That's fantastic."

Leeeeeese: "Why?"

Me: "That means Dave (her husband) can sleep for five days too without hearing your annoying voice."

Leeeeese: "Hey is that the way to treat me after I just told you how much I love you (as an almost sister) and respect you?"

Me: "I'm sorry just trying to make a joke. I'm sorry Leeeese."

Leeeeese: "That's ok, throughout this whole phone convo I have been passing gas from the lima beans I ate for dinner."


Have a gassy, oooops groovy sunday. :)

Current mood: cheerful

Saturday, October 29, 2005

3:42PM - A Fun Afternoon Of Jumping

I have decided that Roomie and I are having a freaking fun afternoon. We just spent a half hour jumping on our beds, dancing around our dorm room listening to "Regional Mexican" music. Neither of us speak spanish but it was a blast.

We are searching XM Sat radio now to find more music to party with.

I'll update later. LOL!

**Update at 4:45 pm**
Now Roomie and I are patting, hitting balloons across our dorm room while listening to DEVO and Whip It. LOL! LOL!

The Dorm Room Party Continues........

Current mood: chipper

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10:48AM - Hey LJ Friends

How has it been going?

I'm doing fantastic. I'm just so busy with classes but I'm having fun.

CONGRATS to Diane. Awwwww, now the fun starts. ;-) LOL!

Congrats To Melanie. Good Luck at college. It's going to be fantastic.

Hi Penn State Kelly! LOL!

Kirsty welcome back from Florida. I still think Sea World is my favourite Florida location.

I'm SO in LOVE with Teeeeeeeeeeeno Weeeeeeeeeeno my fiancee and this is why. He has a FANTASTIC Hot Seat. LOL!

The greatest thing that happened during the summer was telling Teeeeeeno that instead of marrying a week after we graduate, we should wait until Christmas week 2006. I need time to adjust to being back home and getting a job. Then we can marry and have fun. ;) He agreed. I Love my Teeeeeeno.

Sometimes I love my Teeeeeeno too much as Shana knows about. ;) LOL!

Hey I found Melissa and Amanda again. I'm so relaxed when it comes to looking at my "Edit Friends" List. There should be a way for Live Journal to report to people that new friends requested to be on a Friends List.
Now I need to find Sylvia. I miss her.
Anyway, I apologize for not acting sooner in adding friends.

Roomie and I are having a blast. This senior year so far has really proved why we are best friends. She's too much.

Alison is still to whacky for us. LOL! We dared her to walk around campus at 5 in the morning wearing a thong. She did it! LOL! Nobody was around to see except for Security. LOL!

I have an 11:00 class. Want to go in my place? Know anything about Journalism? LOL! I better be going.

I am going to post an entry more and more over the next few months and as you know, I always look at my Friends list and comment. It's more important I use my time helping and sharing with others than writing an entry to my Journal but beware, I am going to be here more. :)

Thanks for reading. Pray for Katrina victims.

I have to find some ice to sooth an area and then get to class. LOL! ;-)
My Home Away From Home! :)

Current mood: happy

Sunday, September 4, 2005

7:35AM - Happy Labor/Labour Day Weekend!

I know I don't update all that much any more but I will once I'm done writing a school report on "News Doctrine" and time eases up on my weekly article "Crystal Ship."

Things are cool. College is fantastic to be back at.

Please pray for the victims and homeless from Hurricane Katrina.

Always stay positive.

I'll be back to updating more starting in the middle of this week.

Enjoy your sunday. :)

Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

11:10AM - Our New Pope!

Cardinal Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI

A new Pope has been chosen. Just like a blessing from Heaven above, it was raining at the Vatican and when the new Pope was announced and when he came out to speak, the rain stopped and the sun started to shine. Truly AMAZING! Even a rainbow is noticeable. :)

It is a great day to be Catholic and to be human as we witness history being made.

God Bless the New Pope and God Bless the Catholic faith! *Hugs*

Current mood: I'm Catholic & Proud!

Saturday, April 2, 2005

12:48PM - Pope John Paul !!

Pope John Paul II has passed on at the age of 84.

God Bless the Pope and bring him into Heaven.

Current mood: sad

Sunday, March 20, 2005

6:24PM - Grow Up Over At _Girl Talk_

I'm so pissed that a community can delete people like Shana, Kirsty and Robin.

Grow up! You know this is the kind of crap that men think why we can't run a country. Grow up!

Shana and Kirsty are great people! As a matter of fact they ae great friends to me and the friends at FTYS!

Plesae stop the nonsense!

Thursday, March 3, 2005

8:39PM - I Want To Thank Live Journal Friends!

I would like to thank the LJ Friends who replied to my last entry about the loss of Liz.

Thanks To:













Thanks for comforting and help in remembering Liz.

I've been away from the net the last two days except for e-mail. I have been so down over the news and didn't want to bring others down with me.

I will tell you that last week Liz e-mailed me for what would be the last time. She was caring so much to make sure I was fine with my late brother Billy's birthday being on that day. She also wrote how Billy was so smart about inventing FTYS.COM message board which he did because when his friends found out he had terminal cancer they ran away. He wanted friends who didn't know about his cancer so he invented a message board and found new friends. Liz found that invention a great thing because she was going through the same process. Her friends all walked away from her and all she had left were her internet friends from Live Journal and FTYS.COM.

I guess when friends find out a person has a terminal illness, they leave. I'm happy that the friends she had at Live Journal and FTYS.COM stuck by her and let her know that they still cared.

She posted her last post on her Live Journal last week with much of the same that she wrote in the e-mail she sent me on that same day.
I'll leave you with the closing of the final e-mail she sent me which is chilling but showed that she cared about others even though she was fastly slipping away;

"Don't worry Crystal. Billy is looking at you and your life from up above. He's still your brother and an angel. He can still help you from Heaven.

Liz, I know you are now above in Heaven reading this and I want to publicly say I love you, miss you and watch out for my brother Billy he always loved to flirt with females when he was here on Earth. I guess he's the same way in Heaven. :)
I miss you. I am praying for your Mom.
You will always live in my heart. Thanks for your time of caring.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

9:09PM - A Sad Day! God Bless Liz!

I want all LJ Friends to know that we lost a friend today. Her "LJ Username" was soyfaerie and her name was Liz.

Liz and I kept in touch through e-mail. She was very ill physically but kept marching on. She was sponsoring a child for "Christian Children Fund" and she was studying to be an Investigator for Crimes against Children. As a matter of fact, she would go through old cases of children that were murdered and would contact the parents and ask if she could help and if they needed someone to talk to she would be there.

Liz was a great friend. She told me one of her biggest joys in life would to have me and our friend Robin to one day visit her and her Mom. That never happened here on Earth but will happen one day in Heaven!

Much strength to her Mom.

Liz I know you are in Heaven now and the pain is gone. We will miss you.

God brought an Angel home today.


Current mood: sad

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

6:40PM - Chernobyl Help

A friend has been sponsoring a family from Chernobyl for a while and is bringing over their little girl this summer.

To help with the costs, she is having an auction on ebay. Make a $2 donation and your name goes in a draw for a chance to win a Partylite Spring Water Candle Lamp worth $124.95.

If you want to help make a Russian girl feel better and get away from the radiation air of Chernobyl, or if you just like fancy candle holders, check out the auction here.

There is no need to reply to this post here at LJ. You can reply and join in the auction only if you want to here.


Friday, December 24, 2004

6:35PM - Merry Christmas!

I hope all of my LJ Friends have a Merry Christmas!

Remember the reason for the season and God loves us all no mtter who we are. God Bless You and thanks for reading my Live Journal.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas!

Current mood: happy

Sunday, December 5, 2004

8:13PM - Hey, Happy December. :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been around replying on my LJ Friends Journals or updating on LJ.
I have been SO freakin busy studying for "Exam Week" which officially starts tomorrow.

I can't even visit
My HOME on the Internet All That Much
because I have been busy.

One more week here and then I get to go home and spend the holidays with my fiance Teeeeeeeno and my family which includes Leeeeeese.

I'll be replying to more Friends LJ as this week winds down.

Now I'm so tired. Some more studying for me, some pizza, talk to Teeeeeeeeeno on the phone,

VISIT My HOME on the Internet, the Family Friendly FTYS.COM
and then sleep. :)

Good Night and I'll be replying more in the coming days. :-)

Thanks for reading.

Current mood: nervous because of Exam Week!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

10:34AM - The Eighties Party Was Fun!

Welcome to a Saturday, and a pleasant saturday to all LJ Friends! :-)

So, I went to the 80's Party last night. I didn't go dressed up in eighties fashion because I thought I would only stay an hour. I stayed until 5:00 this morning. LOL!

I had a great time talking to some peeps that graduated from this University fifteen plus years ago. To my biggest surprise, me, Roomie, Alison and Cherie met a woman who graduated the year me, Roomie and Alison was born (1984) who lived in the same dorm room that me and Roomie live in now. It was FANTASTIC! We invited her to the dorm room and she said so much has changed since she lived in it. Back then no computers, cable tv and the tv was a 19 inch black and white tv made by "Philco." LOL!

She asked if she could lay on my bed . My bed was exactly in the same place where her bed is. I asked her what she is doing now and she is divorced with three kids. I asked about her roommate. She said last she heard from her roommate was in 1990. :( At that point me and Roomie swore to be friends forever. :-)

I really digged the past graduates. I love talking to them and get a sense of what was going on when they graduated.

The woman who lived in our dorm room in 1984 looked at my "Green Day" poster on the wall and said; "In that same location I had a poster of the band 'Bad English' back in 1984." LOL! LOL!

I'm soooooo tired. I went to sleep at 6:00 this morning and slept only three hours. Go Me! LOL!
I told the woman who lived in this dorm room in 1984 if she likes, Roomie and I will hang with her today and we can order pizza and hang out in the dorm room after going shopping. She said she would like that so we are on our way. :-)

As Always Thanks For Reading and always remember, to understand our future, we must look into the past of what was happening before us. History is there for a reason and a lesson.

Have a FANTASTIC saturday!

Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

10:35PM - A Family In Need!

A great LJ Friend and most of all a great friend Shana, midgetpenguin83 posted this in her Live Journal.

Her husband "Kris" was looking through an online message board and found a person writing this:

"There is a family that is close to the people in my church.

Mr. Graves has cancer, and has had it for some time. I'm not exactly sure the specifics, but recently the doctor has told him that he has a very short time to live. Hospice has been called for and they aren't sure how long he has left.

Mrs. Graves also has cancer. It has been in minor stages for a while, but she is having to go more and more frequently for her treatments. Her cancer is progressing, and I'm not sure at what speed. There doesn't seem to be much hope for Mr. Graves living out the rest of the year. Mrs. Graves only has a few years ahead of her and her stregnth is fading fast while trying to be with her husband.

Here's the worst part. Mr. and Mrs. Graves have a 5-year old son. He obviously isn't aware of what's going on and doesn't understand that in a few years he will neither have a father or a mother in his life. I feel incredible pain for this family and can't imagine what all they are going through right now.

A paging service has been setup for Mr. and Mrs. Graves. All you have to do is call this number and a pager that has been given to them will beep, letting them know someone is thinking about them and praying for them. Please call this number and let them know how many people are praying for them and how many people care.
The phone number is 615-960-LOVE (615-960-5683). When you call, there will be a short message telling you what to do. When you hear the beep, dial 77# and it will send a beep to their pager. You can then hang up. It takes only 20-30 seconds of time, but it would mean so much to them to know someone is thinking of them."

My friends and I have already called. If you are 18 years old or older or have permission from a parent, please phone. It shows that people do care and that humans can help, hope and love. Thanks.

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